Life Money Co was built around our two-phase methodology. It’s what underpins our entire approach and is something we use with every member of the LMC community.

Our methodology breaks down into two key phases:

EFFECTIVE (Why and What)

For us, this is all about understanding you. We want to know what you want to achieve in life, as your life goals will drive your financial ones. By understanding your aims in life, we can help create meaningful objectives for your finances.

EFFICIENT (How and When)

This is where our advice comes in. We will work out the most efficient way to help you reach your goals. We’ll look at your income, where you spend it, and which behaviours you need to adopt or change to help you get there.


For us, the ability to connect like-minded, driven individuals is one of the great benefits of working at Life Money Co. Our members are motivated, capable and optimistic.

We see our members as part of a community, one driven to achieve the life goals that they want by taking charge of their finances. That’s the same mindset that our team has. We see it from the perspective that we’re all on the journey together.

From time to time, we hold events that allow our community to meet each other, share ideas, and network. We’ll let you know when our next event is scheduled.