We’re focused on a younger generation and making financial freedom accessible to a new audience. For Life Money Co, this is the mantra on which we’ve focused our business. We’re not your typical financial planner.

Planning is more than just understanding the numbers. We’ve built a different approach that starts with your objectives and the behaviours you have towards money. We’ll help you refine those behaviours that are key to your future financial success. Using our two-step methodology, we’ll help you understand what you need to do to make your financial goals a reality.

Our goal is to build a community of members that want to do better. It’s this community approach and momentum that will help maximise your results to achieve more from your finances.

Our Values

We’re for you…not your parents!

We’re focused on helping a younger generation to maximise their wealth. Unlike many other financial planing businesses, retirees are not our focus. While we wish your parents well, we’re about helping you control your finances today and tomorrow.

We’re always collaborative and approachable

We’ll never criticise your plans. Our aim is to understand what you want to achieve and then to help you reach your meaningful life goals. This means our style is always collaborative and we will always take the time to understand what drives you.

We can relate to you

Our team are all on the same journey as you. It means we understand the goals and financial situations that you will experience in this stage of life…because we’re going through it too! Our experience can help you achieve a better result.

We focus on beliefs and behaviours

We know there’s more to life than the numbers alone. A core driver is to understand your beliefs and the behaviours that stem from them. This ensures we can help you support the right financial decisions with the right behaviours to create success.

No one wants a financial plan that’s all work and no play. We make sure that we factor in the lifestyle you want to live as a part of the planning process. If you enjoy it, you’re more likely to stick to it!

We know lifestyle is important

We know the benefits of good financial management and the flow-on effect to your lifestyle, both now and into the future. We’re passionate about helping our members take advantage of our knowledge and experience to live the life they want.

We believe in what we’re doing

Our team loves working with individuals who are driven to succeed. In fact, we’re building a Life Money Co community that’s focused on just that: Connecting a group of like-minded individuals who expect a great life, know they can do better, and want to see financial success.

We want to work with people motivated to do better